Celeste Wahlberg


Celeste Wahlberg took California sunshine, clean air, and the simple freedom of driving for granted before she moved to Kabul, Afghanistan, with her husband and four children in May 2005.

She joined the staff at the International School of Kabul (ISK) to live her passion for literacy as English Teacher and Literacy Coordinator to help develop the future leaders of Afghanistan.  When asked what’s best about Kabul, she will tell you; ‘Hands down, it’s the people I have come to know and love.’

‘Everybody has a story’ is a mantra often repeated in Mrs. Wahlberg’s English classes, and an extraordinary opportunity to share those with the world was given to her and her students through 1000 Pencils creators, David Williams and Neil Grant.

Celeste looks forward to continuing writing projects with David Williams and the students at ISK.

Celeste earned a Masters degree in teaching was in 1996, three years after her initial teaching credential. Fifteen years of teaching has only fuelled her desire for life-long learning. Celeste has taught 1st to 11th grade, but her best loved years were teaching middle school, grades 6-8.

Celeste also holds a Masters in School Administration and is now an assistant principal at ISK.

Sometimes live and sometimes through the pages of books, travel, adventures, mystery, tears and hilarity are best when shared with others.  Especially with family: Rebekah, 17; Maddy, 14; Elijah, 8; Noah, 6; and husband of 20 years, Richard.